As a result of research and testing in recent years, we have expanded our production to PP-R, HDPE and PVC plastic pipes in accordance with MNS 4427: 2007, MNS ISO15874-1: 2007, MNS ISO15874-2: 2007, MNS 5544: 2005 standards.

There are two main technologies for the production of plastic pipes: Rolling and Compression. Our factory constantly uses rolling technology. The advantage of rolling technology is that it has the advantage of compression technology by adjusting the size of the product and cutting.

We supply our production raw materials from China, Korea, Turkey and Russia to ensure high quality.

Use of plastic pipes:

  • Pure drinking water line
  • Gasoline and cold fluid transmission lines
  • Gas transmission line
  • Electrical and various telephone protection lines
  • Crop field irrigation system
  • Factory and mine ventilation ducts

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