This product is designed for exterior windows and balcony shutters that meet the Mongolian quality standard MNS5874: 2008.

Key indicators:

  • Size: width 70mm, height 63/79mm with 5 chambers
  • White color / can be produced according to customer's desired color /
  • The outer face wall thickness is 3 mm  (according to Mongolian standard is minimum 2.5mm)
  • Non-face wall thickness 2.5 mm (according to Mongolian standard is minimum 2.2mm)
  • The heat transfer resistance is 0.81 (according to Mongolian standard the energy efficient window resistance is 0.65)
  • Desired thickness of the glasspackages are 24mm for double glasses, 40mm for triple glasses, choose an appropriate glassing beads.


1. The sun is not affected by the wind
2. Long service life
3. European Standard
4. High load capacity / no distortion /

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